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Position: Forester

Company: American Forest Management

Location: Marianna, FL

American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM) is the largest forest consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the United States. AFM currently manages over 5.1 million acres of privately owned timberland and has sold over $1.8 billion in real estate transactions. With 260 employees operating from 49 offices located in 16 states, AFM’s team of professionals is focused on meeting client needs by providing a complete range of forestry services including land and wildlife management, land sale and acquisition services, forest inventory and design, growth and yield modeling, cash flow projections, environmental services, appraisal, forest resource data management and harvest scheduling.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in forestry, agriculture, or a related field; or Associate’s Degree and 2 years related experience or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Summary: Responsible for helping manage forested lands for economic, recreational, and conservation purposes. Capabilities must include the ability to inventory the type, amount, and location of standing timber, appraise the timber’s worth, and negotiate and close the purchase and sale agreement. Responsibilities shall also include knowing how to conserve wildlife habitats, creek beds, water quality, and soil stability, and how best to comply with best management practices and environmental regulations. This position requires customer service to provide landowners guidance in reaching their stated goals; good interpersonal and relational skills are required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Plan, contract and direct all types of harvesting, forestation and reforestation projects.

• Plan and design forest inventories, gather field data, work up cruise data, update stand records and maps manually and electronically.

• Plan cutting programs to assure continuous production of timber or to assist clients to achieve other timber or wildlife habitat management objectives.

• Determine methods of cutting and removing timber with minimum waste and environmental damage and also processing other forest products to meet client’s objectives.

• Direct controls burns and conduct fire prevention programs.

• Plan and direct construction and maintenance of trails, roads, ditches and fire breaks.

• Assist in planning and implementing projects for control of soil erosion, tree diseases and pests.

• Advise NIPF and TIMO landowners on forestry management techniques.

• Assist budget creation and administration for clients.

• Monitor BMP and EMS compliance, including Sustainable Forest Initiative, American Tree Farm, Forest Stewardship Council and other forest certification standards.

• Assist in negotiation, contract administration, and inspection of all forestry related activities such as road construction and maintenance, drainage improvement and other land management projects as assigned.

• Maintain knowledge of contractors, rates and equipment available in each geographic area.

• Develop and maintain a close working relationship with the local, state and federal forestry organizations, area forest product company representatives and contractors.

• Develop new NIPF and TIMO clients.

• Perform other related duties and tasks as necessary or as assigned.

Knowledge and Abilities: 

• Knowledge of plant and animal organizations, interdependencies, and interactions with each other and the environment.

• Working knowledge of forestry skills including the use of tools used in timber cruising, photo interpretation, surveying, timber harvesting, road construction, chemical and mechanical site preparation, planning, organizing and other duties that pertain to forest management.

• Ability to effectively utilize Microsoft email, word processing and spreadsheet software.


• Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

• 9 paid holidays.

• Paid vacation schedule.

• Company assigned vehicle.

• Healthcare and disability plan.

• 401(K) retirement plan.

• Eligible for annual and new business bonus plans.

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