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Position: Forester

Company: American Forest Management

Location: Statesboro, GA

Minimum Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from an accredited school. 3-5 years of experience in Forestry field.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements: 

Timber Sales and Appraisals: All aspects of field work, office work and reporting to landowner/client.

• Systematic sampling of merchantable and premerchantable timberland using both fixed radius plots and prism sampling methods.

• 100% tree count of merchantable timber.

• Identify, locate and mark property lines.

• Identify and mark streamside management zones (SMZs).

• Identification of commercial tree species (winter and summer).

• Design and implementation of timber harvesting plan for clearcut, select cut and thinning sales.

• Prepare timber sale maps and review computer-generated digitized maps.

• Prepare timber sale bid notice and review timber sale contracts.

• Perform timber harvesting inspections to ensure compliance with contract.

• Collect timber and land sale data for appraisal purposes.

• Organize and audit timber sale settlements.

Timberland Management: All aspects of field work, office work and reporting to landowner/client.

• Inspection of clients’ tracts.

• Proposal and implementation of timberland management activities specific to individual sites and client goals including site preparation techniques (mechanical & chemical), prescribed burning, chemical release spray, herbaceous weed control, reforestation activities, seedling survival check and timber stand improvement activities (commercial & precommercial thinning, fertilization, chemical release, etc.).

• Prepare and negotiate contracts with independent contractors for clients’ management services.

• Supervision of contracted services, including certifying completion of work for payment.

• Meeting with landowner/client to review management activities, answer questions and make proposals regarding their timberland.

• Patrol property boundaries and points of access.

• Assist with management plan preparation.

Additional Requirements:

• Ability to generate new business (meet with potential clients, explain our business, etc.)

• Ability to efficiently and effectively perform existing work.

• Familiarity with computer-generated spreadsheets and word processing.

• Preparation of weekly timesheet showing all time worked by project, bill method and task.

• Required travel and ability to function as a team member on large projects throughout the U.S.

• Contact adjoining landowners to client’s landholding.

• Check leases for possible violations.

Salary and Benefits 

• Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

• Exempt salary position paid semi-monthly

• Paid holidays

• Paid vacation schedule

• Healthcare and disability plan

• Tuition Reimbursement Program

• 401(K) retirement plan with company match

• Ongoing professional development training

• Eligible for annual and new business bonus plans

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