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Position: Forestry Manager

Company: Lykes Bros. Inc.

Location: Lake Placid, FL

Position Summary:
Perform functions to oversee the full administration of Lykes Bros Inc. Forestry Division, making decisions based on conclusions for which there is little precedent.

Essential Functions:

  • Prepare and manage Lykes Bros annual timber plan and the logistics of the Forestry budget. Perform functions to meet forest management plan objectives. Develop annual budget and strategic and operating plans. 
  • Organize the timber planting agenda. Determine the appropriate prep and planting time period necessary for quality production. 
  • Choose forestry timber species. Select tree seedlings and prepare the ground for planting. Organize the land preparation in a timely manner and monitor timber planting techniques. Perform quality assurance of prep and planting.
  • Prepare timber tract harvest selections and timber harvest schedule. Monitor the harvesting process of the selected timber. Record harvest results and maintain knowledge of timber quantity and the phases of the timber. 
  • Coordinate work plans and accomplishments with forestry technicians, equipment division, supervisors, contract managers, buyers, and others as required. 
  • Coordinate with vendors for procurement of supplies and deliveries. Seek out timber seedling providers. Organize the growing of Eucalyptus seedlings.
  • Implement the sale of timber after contracted. 
  • Review timber monthly financials. Confirm accuracy of timber sales against yield. Perform data entry as required to maintain records.
  • Keep abreast of changes to regulations and other developments.
  • Train and assign department team members. Provide technological oversight, direction and mentoring, develop and communicate performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of team, both as a department and individually. Evaluate performance and provide counseling, cross training and coaching to employees. Maintain harmonious team/employer relations.

Other Duties

  • Perform or assist with any operations, as required to maintain workflow and to meet schedules and quality requirements.
  • Participate in any variety of meetings and work groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specified level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements, and policies.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Valid Florida Driver License with insurability.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and other specific software required by position.
  • Knowledge of fiscal planning, budgeting, and management.
  • Knowledge of state and federal laws and legislative processes related to the work.
  • Knowledge of the process and stages of timber harvesting.

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Agriculture or related field.
  • Certified Burner and Pile Burner.
  • Restricted Use Pesticide License.
  • Licensed Forester preferred.
  • Five to seven years of experience in related supervisory position.


For more information, contact:
Greg Fraley
Corporate Director Human Resources
Lykes Bros. Inc.
7 Lykes Road | Lake Placid, FL 33852
863.465.4127, ext. 260